We Build and Sell ACCESSORY DWELLING UNITS  that are built to Federal and Local Code only!

Some Tiny Homes as seen on TV are actually Park Model RV’ and less than 400 sq ft , built to an RV code and are NOT allowed as a full time residence on the majority of properties in California.

 We do not sell these units.

Buy Tiny Houses From Our California Company

California Tiny Homes is a California tiny house builder.  We have different floor plans of our tiny houses to give you a variety of solutions to meet your budget and your lifestyle. Whether you want to buy a new custom tiny home you can call your own, or build a granny flat, California Tiny Homes has a solution.

Do you have what it takes to go tiny?
People all around the country are making the move in to tiny homes. Tiny houses not only allow you the freedom of less maintenance on your home, but also financial freedom. There is no set standard for a tiny house owner. Whether you are a student, a growing family or a retired individual, a tiny house could be perfect for you!

We take pride in the ability to build a tiny home that our customers will come to enjoy for a lifetime. Our goal is to ensure our customers are investing in a tiny house that fulfills their every need.  Be a part of the California Tiny Homes family and let us make your tiny house dream a reality!  Tiny houses are built just like a standard house.  You can customize a tiny house to suit your needs, from the floorplan all the way to the furniture. Also, a tiny home is just that…a home. You share them on Facebook and pin your favorites on Pinterest. Tiny dwellings are seemingly everywhere online, but when it comes to real life, are tiny home communities a real thing?


“The tiny house movement is growing,” says Amy Turnbull, a state chapter leader and one of the directors of the American Tiny House Association. “As more people advocate their acceptance, more areas will allow them.”

In fact, there are many places where micro house dwellers currently live side by side in the U.S., and more are in the works from eco-villages to vacation retreats.

Why Are Tiny Homes Popular in California?

There are a lot of reasons why the tiny house movement has launched in California.  In a state where rents and housing prices continue to climb, many young professionals and older adults like the idea of the savings a tiny house offers.

Whether it is the savings a small home offers or the flexibility and freedom they provide, tiny house dwellers are enjoying life living tiny.

Benefits of Tiny House Living in California

No one gives up the luxury of a full size house without experiencing some benefits.  As the tiny house craze sweeps through California, many are realizing the benefits of scaling back their lifestyles – and their homes.

  • California Tiny Homes are environmentally friendly: Many tiny homes sport solar panels, rain water systems and other environmentally conscience amenities. This can lower a homeowners footprint on the world considerably, making it a great option for the homeowner who wants to go green.
  • They use less energy:  the smaller the home, the less energy it is going to use.
  • They are easier to clean:  who wouldn’t love to clean their entire house in less than an hour? Many tiny houses take even less time.
  • They require little maintenance: One of the biggest stresses on a homeowner is the ongoing maintenance a large home requires.  Tiny houses make upkeep simple and easy, leaving you more time to do the things you love.

What Does a Tiny House Look Like?

Tiny houses may be smaller in scale, but that does not mean they lack any of the upgrades, amenities or luxuries that you may want. California Tiny Homes is a leading tiny house builder that specializes in custom homes that are built to satisfy every type of  buyer.  By offering the design and style of a standard home, California Tiny Homes aims to bring the joys of tiny house living to people who might not otherwise become homeowners!